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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Interview... So frustated T_T

Tarikh: 17 March 2011
Tempat: My Poly
Mood: arghhhh..


i have interview today.. it's not the real interview la.. this for oral presentation..
but I'm so nervous..i feel butterfly in my stomach.. i admit it I'm not prepare well for this interview..even last minute print the resume back because of stupid mistake arghh.. anyway thanks to Nana for accompany me..i got number 20 so i have to wait longer until my turn.. so the longer i have to wait the more i feel butterfly in my stomach.. i walking around macam perempuan nak beranak.. and ask others that have go through the interview..

Then the arrival time.. my turn..dup dap dup dap.. i have entered the room without knock the door..luckily my beloved lecturer were checking something on the file at that time.. so I've managed to turn back and knocked the door.. i was super duper nervous at that time.. i even crossed the leg..i know i shouldn't do that.. but what can u think when u are so nervous.. so the interview began.. unfortunately i couldn't answer 2 question.. guess what the question and what i damnly answered??

the first question is:
" if the polycarbonate milk bottle was not allowed to use then what should the mother use to give to their children??"
my answer:
"err..i'm not sure" then senyum kambing..

the second question is:
" what happen to middle east?"
my answer: tsunami <--alright stop laughing at me.. i doesn't know that "middle east" is Libya haha buta geography ni..
she said again " middle east?!" with a lil' bit shocked with my stupid answer haha
then i simply said " i'm not sure".. arghh i know what happened in Libya.. why don't she just said " what happened to libya" for sure i can give the answer even just a sentence..

okey want to know all the questions and my anwers? ok i'll tell u guys so that u guys won't ended up like me..

1. ok tell me about yourself?
my name is bla..bla.bla.. i'm fresh graduate from bla..bla.. i'm taking diploma information technology in programming.

2. tell me about your family?
i have 1 brother and 1 sister.. i'm the youngest member in my family (look.. even the simplest question also i couldn't answer well.. my brain was numb at that time)

3. ok what is your special achievement in your life?
err... i develop the web page that have database application for the company..( haha see how berterabuq my english.. i don't know why i didn't said about Anugerah Ketua jabatan that i got for 3 semester..)

4. what do you do during your industrial training
err..(while looking at the wall) i make a web page that have database system for the company for example main page, insert record and so on..( i can talk much about this but i'm so nervous ayat tunggang langgang)

5. what is the job responsibilities for the job u've apply?(web designer)
err..(looking around again).. the job responsibilities are to create web page for the company.. and err.. what the company require..( dushh...i'm killing myself..)

6. if you get the job, will you further your study?
yeahh... i will do part time study..( hoping that she'll will said ok then go to the next question.. but i just entrapped with my own answer)

7. can you balance your time with study and work?
yeah..i can balance my time..( ok now totally numb)

8. can u give example how you can balance your time?
(argghh somebody please help me get out of this)..err.. i sometimes doing part time work as a designer.. so i can balance my time with my study ( err.. can someone tell me what i'm saying..arr merapu tul la)

9. what do u mean by sometimes?
errr..(can i runaway..muka gabra gila kot) i be a part time graphic designer at Z..A..S production..( arghh simply put my brother company's name.. i just design 2 design there only..the flyers and books)

10. why should i hire u when u already have a part time job?
err..( mak tolong...) because at there i only do part time.. and i want to be web designer.. i love web designing..

11. u said u want to be a web designer.. what is your job there?
err..at there i just be a graphic designer..

12.ok..what happen to the world now?
(emm quite confident to answer) in Malaysia is about polycarbonate milk bottle..in the world is about tsunami..

13. ok what the government do regarding this problem?
the government banned the uses of polycarbonate milk bottle..

14. why is the polycarbonate is dangerous?
because it can cause cancer..

15. what should the mothers use?
glass milk bottle...

16. is there any glass milk bottle in a market?
no..(eh ada ka..tak dak kot tak penah nampak..)

17.if the polycarbonate milk bottle was not allowed to use then what should the mother use to give to their children??"
(adoii.. mana la nak pi tau..) err..i'm not sure

18. what happen to middle east?
tsunami..(dush..pull a gun at my head)

19. middle east?!
errr...(middle east yg kat malaysia ka dunia..adoi) err..not sure

ok thank you

thank you..then quickly i go to my friends.. owh man it's so embarrassing la.. i damnly hate when i'm nervous because i couldn't think and speak properly.. i know i can do better but the nervous have overcome me.. if the interview scene was recorded..u guys can see my face doing that awkward expression.. rolling my eyes around the room.. stutter..even when she looking at me i just looking at the wall and talking.. luckily she didn't said " are u talking with the wall?"
oh man.. this is my last presentation with her.. no more after this.. but i end up with crestfallen..

p/s: how am i going to get A for english subject..err have to work hard in final test..

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fiza said...

hahahaha..relax my dear..
gilak bnyk nya soklan dia..!