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Monday, March 7, 2011

My Third Cupcake

Tarikh: 6/3/11
Tempat: Home sweet home
Mood: chef wannabe (in dreams perhaps T_T)


hello.. again cupcakes story.. so this is my third cupcakes.. Still have time making cupcakes?? err examination just around the corner?? many tasks still undone?? haha chill out.. just another way to reduce stress.. i'm not the person who can seat in front my lappy and nerdy doing my work..so stop story let's begin.. this recipe i've just took it from magazine.. ah'ha biasalah..

And the ingredients are:
250 gm butter
200gm fine sugar(i use castor sugar)

1 teaspoon ovellete
1 tablespoon 'Pes Pandan'

300 gm self rising flour

95ml warm milk
6 egg

how to make:
alaaa..macam biasa la nak buat kek hehe peace

-cupcakes ready..time to decorate..i know it a lil' bit messy-

-this one made by my Sister.."FINIE"-

-jeng2..made by me-
-above from left:
1.flower(do it looks alike?heh)
2.trapped love(i know nothing to do with it)
3.no-idea(cincai making la)

-bottom from left:
4.octopus(yeah i know "mana yg cam octopus nya" hehe but i keep thinking about octopus when i saw it hehe)
5.spider web(i've learned it through utube hehe)
6.no-name(totally no idea)

well, i've still learning to make perfect cupcakes.. and it's take time and not easy beb.. That day when i went to somewhere with my mom i just saw this one article about "Khusus cupcakes" it stated there that they will teach us how to make cake, icing and for sure not smudge icing like i did hehe.. each student will have 20 cupcakes to decorate wow it's great..but it cost RM140.00 beb.. for sure i couldn't afford it just for cupcakes matter.. kalau RM40.00 maybe la kan hehe.. oh my.. i wish someday i can go to course like that..

p/s: i'm gaining my weight perhaps.. friday:mcd, saturday:pizza n nasi kenduri, sunday: cupcake.. oh ya.. nak bagi my friends rasa cupcakes ni..so they will give kritikan membina hehe


Fea Fieza said...

kak ieda buat la satu kat kami..
hee :)

VioletRose said...

wah nak2 er..