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Saturday, November 16, 2013

When a beauty is a must in LOVE..


Actually this new is  already long time ago.. but quite new because it happen this year if i'm not mistaken... What makes me wanna make entry about this because this new touch my heart... I think this is not fair.. I dont know who to put the blame for.. but everyone have their own flaw..

What a happy family in just a potrait.. It is said that the father had sued the mother for the ugly children... oh my... The true father shouldnt said thing like this...! Maybe he dont believed that they all are his children maybe try to accuse that his wife had an affair... But thanks to DNA test. They are his son... But the real truth comes out where actually the wife had done plastic surgery to make her beautiful.. I've seen her face before the plastic surgery.. really different from this one... Well this must be the consequence... But what about the children..? Have to heard all this from their own father... What a very sympathy..

Does he married his wife because of the beauty only..?? all guys are all like that.. not all but most of them.. For the girl, maybe she faced so many difficulty so many ridicule so she takes the action to do plastic surgery.. But the fact is most of korean girl will do plastic surgery..I've read this in one article... So poor on the children... this is the reward when love and marriage  is all depend on beautiful... So we as the not-so-pretty girl please dont do any plastic surgery to make us beautiful.. Because beautiful just temporary.. And for muslim u guys know it is against our religion. It's a blessed to get someone who doesnt care about our look.. but still he loves us.. If he truly love us he'll not care about our look our bodyshape....

Some of u girl may face problem just like 

"Darling... why are u wearing this cloth? why dont u wear like that girl.."
"Darling dont eat this.. u wanna gain your weight?"
"Darling...please do something about your face.."
"Darling...please change your hair/hijab style...bla..bla..."
"Darling.... u know my Ex-gf used to wear like bla...bla.. why dont u wear like her?"
"Darling.. dont eat that! u know i'll leave u if u fat"
"Darling...please change your style..."

Huh.. Yeah i didnt said that u dont have to groom yourself.. Just be yourself... Love is about being yourself and being more better and being acceptable by your spouse just like the way u are...

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