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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Product Review :The Rocket from Maybelline


Yeah as my sister gonna get married soon...actually not very soon just next year... for me it's soon.. So i'm aware that after this i have to purchase and start to have my own make up collection... As a person who is so sayang-duit nak beli makeup so I have to start purchase from now.. one month one makeup but end up to buy 3 per month muehehehe... So today i would like to make review about my new mascara collection.. from maybelline.. haaa baru lah mampu beli tu pun lepas 45% discount sale at guardian that day.. so the price after less is RM19.25 only!! from RN48.90 kot original price... apa lagi rembat la kiah!!!


I like the result so much,,, see look like fake eyelashes.. even not really but i just like the result...

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