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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Obsession : Double Eyelid feeling Park Boom


Mid of November! Next month is December then 2014...means that I'm turning into 24 years old oohh...oh.. ok not so old kan..kan... 6 years to go for 3 series..very the worry... orait... let's be forever 21! Actually i bought this thing long time ago.. now only i know how to use it.. I mean use it correctly and properly.. I'm out to try to use eyelid.. Do u guys know what is eyelid? alaaa yang kat mata tu... Well i'm not born to have that so called double eyelid like Park Boom... Search to know how it looks like... but Park Boom depa kata dia buat plastic surgery..

masih kurang ngerti apa itu... enggak usah gusar...lihat pic..

pic from google
 I bought this eyelid tape just Rm5.00....

cemgini la rupo dio...

close up.. rupo cam mata bengkak la effect dio..
haa cemgini la.. macam mata lepas nangis teresak2...
ok feeling mata Park Boom

Dah alang2 menyeluk segala pekasam... Nak try make up Dinner sebab Dinner just around the corner and i were so stress because didnt buy any cloth.. just bought bag... pwehhhh hopefully I found the cheapest2 one..

From trying to do Smokey Eye for that Night of Music and Dance.. 
turn to be
Dolly plak dah..

in the process of learning to draw eyebrow and make nose shape...endup something so creepy...muehehhe
never stop learning girl!!!

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