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Saturday, November 26, 2011

SHAWL STYLE CONTEST..tersengaja masuk

Tarikh: 26/11/2011
Tempat: Home sweet home
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er..how to start er? Actually aq dah cam  malas nak masuk contest2 segala macam ni semua.. Tapi malam tu aq betol2 dah boring then ternampak contest ni saja la nak try kan..huhu after submit pic bersama ucapan yang aq hentam jek time tu then sesi meraih undi bermula.. So bila dah tengok pic aq dah diupload oleh owner.. Maka membuat muka-yang-tak-malu paksa kakak and abang aq vote.. My Bro siap cakap " Apa paksa2 ni.. aq tak ikhlas undi ni haha" hampeh punya abang <Photobucket Bukan tu jugak buat muka tak malu suruh kawan2 yang kebetulan time tu online dan kawan2 yang rapat..OK fine pasni tak mahu minta2 dah.. Tebal dah muka ni.. Photobucket Sekarang sapa nak vote maka vote la k hihi.. so if nak vote click ni
dah gambar yang aq gedik  upload adalah 

hahaha tah apa2 kan...it's alright la kan spending time.. oh ya.. i want to comment about my ucapan.. according to the owner every entry must include speech.. So as a human that dont know what to say that time so i just make a simple speech.. then have this one fellow.. dont know where he come from..unwisely highlight a part of my speech that can make people think the wrong way.. hello there i dont even know how u can think that further.. hahhaa so funny dude.. in my speech i said that "in styling there no need to follow rule or follow other.. just mix and match...be yourself and dont bother about other's perception about u" something like this la can remember the exact.. that fellow only highlight some part,, then ask "islam too?" he try to say that no need to follow islam rule.??. hahha i'm not that so idiot la..cant imagine how some people can stupidly think like that.. this is just style contest nothing to do with religion.. no need to ask unwisely question.. btw i'm a lil bit sympathy toPhotobucket someone like that because try to use religion as a method to catch attention..

p/s: talk wise think wise...

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