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Thursday, November 17, 2011

DalzButtonCraft Custom Hijabs & Craft... I Dah Dapat

Tarikh  : 17 november 2011
Tempat: Home sweet home
Mood  : yippie..


So how's your day?? me? urghh damn tired.. But it's still cant prevent me from updating blog.. Nothing much to say.. Just want to share and promote this shop..

Actually i was jaded to buy ready made skirt.. WHY? because last time i bought it.. it so damn long.. I'm shorty ler.. i tell what.. i even can make that SKIRT to DRESS.. huhu <http://www.smileycodes.info.. Then i've seen so many online shop offering custom made skirt.. i was attracted to


So awesome la.. http://www.smileycodes.info For first time i've chose to order BLACK color.. HOW TO ORDER? just go to the link i've given and u'll know how.. Oh yeah She has update new super awesome color.. maybe after this i'll order ARMY GREEN ( the color that i;ve been looking around).. It takes about 15 days and above for us to get our skirt.. arrr WHY TOO LONG? hello it's a custom design wokey and u are not the only one that order from her...hehe So check this out..

-abaikan keadaan dibelakang-
-balik2 keja terus try skirt..tak sabaq der-

Dah banyak orang dah pakai baru la aq nak pakai.. well i'm always like that.. a step backward.. because i'm not victim of fashion..err maybe a lil' bit late to be..

p/s: so now waiting for next month for new purple skirt from other supplier.. will update next month k..

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MJ said...

cantik2....nak gak....tgk zu beli baru leh try...heheheh..