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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Girls Gathering..Awesome lor

Tarikh: 13 November 2011
Tempat: mana2 ja la kami nak p
Mood: oyeah,,


hye..i know.. yeah i know well it's been a long time since i've wrote in this blog.. Busy la beb.. oh yeah.. bukan lazy..why? because on weekdays as usual have to go work then came back home with all the stressful things.. then Saturday have to work..pwehh 1/2 day only.. but still have to wake up early...  then Sunday the only day i can wake up on afternoon kihkih.. dont title me as "anak-dara-baloq".. i just wanna cover all not-enough sleep ok.. Doctor advised us to sleep well..But that day i sacrifice my sleep because i'm sooo--ggedikkk to hang out with my friends... serius malam tak boleh nak tidur beb punya excited.. Terjaga pagi pun tak ngantok.. see how damn much i miss my friends.. milkysmilebut unfortunately Nas cant join.. dont worry we'll set another time later k..

So here we come QB again.. Hope so after this we can go somewhere else..can Mirae? milkysmile hehe first activity is watching movie. "IN TIME"..

agak bes la gambar ni.. it's something different la.. owh i cant imagine if i live like that i'll be the first to die huhu.

After watched movie.. we went to survey my shoe.. erghhh!! why arr when i have money there are no sale maa? milkysmile Huh..so pity of me.. Oh ya i've seen so many shoes that  i can put in my list-of-things-to buy perhaps...com milkysmile yeah it's time to "mencekik".. Dave's Deli is our destination.. it's remind me of Si Dia.. A long time ago when i asked him to go there.. He come out with speculation " Halal ke?" aiyak.. milkysmile halal la dear..  the smell from the restaurant catch my heart la der..Then another time when we almost there i just dont know what happen that day coz' the restaurant is empty..no one.. so we move to another restaurant..  So  finally right now i can eat with my beloved friends..

we ate Beef Rissole( sorry if wrong spelling) 

It taste awesome and cheaper.. i mean cheaper than another restaurant i've went to... no service charge.. pergh kalau restaurant2 lain tu pergh service charge jek ada sampai 14++.. macam la depa suap kita makan kihkih nyum2.. maybe after this i can try "Footlong Chicken Sausage" hehe ok just that picture because i have no time la der to upload so many pic..not my type lor untuk show off everytime pergi kedai2 "bajet-knon-org-kaya" ni then update currently in Restaurant A..currently in Restaurant B la...why people doing all this?

then we "lepaking".. So syok meh lepak2 sini.. tengok2 air.. angin sepoi2 bahasa.. ada angin ke time tu?? Everyday lepak2 sini pas tension2 balik kerja would be super awesomemilkysmile

Bajet dengan gambaq sorang2 sudah kemestian kihkih.. Actually what i was thinking is " alaaa tak nak balik.. alamak esok nak keja pulak malasnya.. tak maw p la" huhu

p/s: yeah i miss my friend already.. jum plan next destination..

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MJ said...

nnt kita bajet mandi sungai...