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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Interview Kerajaan... i'm hopeless...

Tarikh: 27/11/2011
Tempat: My own world
Mood:  huhu


The day after tomorrow i have to attend government interview for the post of "admin asisstant N17".. This one is for SPM qualification.. i've apply for this position because that time i've not yet finish my diploma.. and after finished my diploma and work for almost 5 month then only get this opportunity.. fewhh, at first i feel like dont want to go.. then  after thinking so much then i decided to go.. this opportunity happen for once.. when opportunity is infront u then just grab it.. i was worried to attend the interview because i'm a diploma holder then my job position now "junior management executive".. it just a matter of salary and workplace.. but what reason should i give when they ask " u already have a good position.. why u attend this interview?".. totally stuck..

ok let it be.. right now i just feel so bad of myself.. why? because i'm lack of general knowledge.. to attend government interview.. most importantly is to know general knowledge..they will ask u the name of minister.. all the general2 thing that we must know as citizen.. i'm so bad of it.. urghh! right now i have to read all the necessary thing just for interview.. Suddenly i dont feel like to go to the interview.. No violetrose..! u have to try.. no matter what happen.. make it as experience.. fuhh...somebody help me..

p/s: come on violetrose .. let's study..

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