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Friday, June 19, 2015

DAY9: Your favorite “weird/funny single behavior”

The Single Woman’s 30-Day Blogging Challenge!

9)      Your favorite “weird/funny single behavior” Anything you do that is uniquely YOU and that living alone allows you to do.

Ahahaha...benda ni laa yang kena sacrifice kalau dah tak single nanti.. i couldnt imagine... ok seriously i dont really comb my hair..  i have a long frizzy thick curly dry hair.. (hairstylist once said that i am a monster...what daaa...) which is everyday is my bad hair day... I dont really have awesome financial which allow me to go to saloon everymonth... how i wish.. So as my hair already naturally bad so i just let it be.. I am so lazy to fully comb my hair like a princess2.. i just comb it a lil bit just to tied it and make bun.. simple as that.. and i always like to pamper myself asking my mom to comb my hair and she really enjoys it.. yelaa sapa yang nak anak dia rambut cam perempuan gila.. so if i'm married i seriously cannot do this..haha maybe i can ask my hubby to comb my hair?? ohh sweett..

then i love to put on my headphone listen to dance song and dance as happy as i wish to be.. i don know why.. it release my stress somehow and one type of way to burn calories.. so if i get married i dont think so my hubby gonna like it.. he'll think that i'm crazy girl... so maybe tunggu time my hubby tak ada baru boleh menari2.. then i love to make video of me bursting out my feeling then delete haha weird right.. so i dont think so i can do it.. hahaha weird right if u see your partner talking to the phone instead of u..

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