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Monday, March 9, 2015

Warm Hazel Warm Hazel From Freshkon


Again contact lens story.. Actually i'm reluctantly to try this color because of the color.. becuase it so obvious...afraid that it may look like zombie.. but just wanna try it so I bought it at Optic Shop at BJ Shopping Complex..The one and only shop that i dont have to hear all that

" Sorry..this color..we have to order first" 
" ohhh for this color we dont have your power..have to order..or u can just choose another color.."

always available...hehe so it's already become my favourite shop of the year acecece....So the first time I tried these color..it was like
 " ohhh nooo i look like a zombie..."
"is it too much for office wear..."
 "haaaa who care i still wanna wear it.." 

then later on the color blend well with my eye and it dont look like zombie anymore after wore to for couple of days..

there u go my zombie eyes...
As always i adore freshkon!!!

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