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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Teater Orang Minyak Boraq Senandung


pfftttt....Already mid of December 2013... My life getting more hectic this day... unstoppable OT and training... pwehhhh so exhausted... Think positive!! More OT, More Money!! hahaha... So as i'm so stressful so exhausted and with this hectic life so i am rewarding myself to something new to cheer my own self.. I decided to join my colleague to watch theater... I guess I never watch any theater yet...!

So here come Orang Minyak Buraq Senandung! Live in USM!!.. We are giving support to our friend who participate in that theater....u go dude! So after training at Bayview Hotel at 5pm.. I'm straight away to Kak Shida house as the theater will be started at 8.30pm...  Lepaking at Kak Shida's house then we straight to USM.. Abang Jee gave us a lift there...thanks...

We just on time...pwehhhh thought we are late due to some technical problem... For me the theater is quite ok...I've laughed loudly...seriously can't control myself... Laugh until all the tears comes out... relief all stress.. Only Allah know how I feel that night....Like being said oftenly.. Laugh is the best medicine!

The theater finished around 11pm like that and photo time!!!

Hairi Anak Wayang...

yeah sometimes we gave to give our self reward!

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