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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

About my current job


01/01/2014...yeyyyyyyyyy!!! dont be so excited zuzu... u just dont know what's gonna happen this year... something god or something bad...all leave it to Allah... Actually i wanna make this entry on 19 November 2013 because it's my first anniversary at my new workplace... yeah alhamdulillah...

Firstly i would like to thanks my friend for giving me opportunity to join this company... After attending interview while suffering at my old workplace Alhamdulillah Allah help me by allowing me to enter to new workplace... Actually there's no different between my old workplace n new one in the term of job task.. I still have to do multitasking job  have so many job..but I somehow happy with this new one... And what i like the most is i can a lot of thing in this company... meet new people can improve my self n my communication skill.. And the very best one is my salary is usually on time hahaha... if previously i have to fight to get my pay but now it's always on time...Alhamdulillah... Even i have to stay longer at office sometimes have to work on weekend although it's so damn tired but end of the month yippeee OT claim... can go shopping... but this year i want to save more.. no shopping allowed... save for the future Zuzu!!

what i like about this company is although i dislike to go training sometimes... I learned a lot and my self will get improve by attending all the training.... Even not much but a little will do... About my colleague yeah they all fine...i can get along with them... So far my working environment is ok... Even sometimes i do really hate attending my hectic customer.... but it's already my job...like it or not i have to face it... professionally! even sometimes i lose my temper huhuhu

So what i can say i just my job now... trying to improve my self day by day.. I'm so happy right now till i've gaining so much weight hahah nevermind 2014 my MilitaryDietPlan begin!

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