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Thursday, December 26, 2013

My New Supplement Radiglow By Skinfiniti


As my life getting hectic and sometimes i used to get not enough rest..I've noticed that it affect my skin too... and i'm soooo sooooo fear about aging problem.. lagi2 nampak wrinkles around my eyes... This is nightmare!! So after doing research by research... I olsss kan cemtu... Before consume or change product I'll usually do some research through internet.. read all the testimonials... And after satisfied then only i'll make decision to purchase it!

For this product, I actually get impressed with my colleague's skin..Kak Shida... Her face is fairer maybe she's naturally white but it looks glowing and pretty... So that day I saw Radiglow paper bag on her table.. I asked her about that.. Yeah she'd consumed it... After doing some research at Internet yeahh after review all the testimonial from blog from FB so i am ready to consume it too!

I sacrificed my RM160 to buy it...  1 box contained 2 bottles of Radiglow ( 30 tablets each).. Just 2 tablets once a day.. Pagi2 lepas mandi makan kunyah2 sambil ironing clothes... kena makan time perut kosong.. And as usual no coffee no tea and of course drink more and more water... Yeah one big applause to myself.. I've succeed in not taking any coffee since day 1 i consume  this supplement... it's quite suffering at first now i'm used to eat.. I've changed my coffee to Milo..Minum milo anda jadi sihat dan kuat! tiba2 iklan... Drink more water? yeah i'm in the process of that... my problem is i'm working in a very cold environment...  even i dont drink more water i often go to toilet due to coldness... So just imagine if i push myself to drink 2-3litres of water daily... argghhhh but this time i'll disciplined myself.. chaiyok babeyh!!! even i have to do urination like frequently... T_T

Well it said that berkesan seawal 7 hari well i dont put a high hope on that... I'll keep on consuming it..because I dont even finish consume 1 bottle takkan la kulit nak terus cantik kan tambah2 yang banyak toxic dalam badan like me... Let's the public judge my appearance later hopefully =_="...

Actually I do hope that all my pimples and scars will fade away.. and my skin wont look gloomy... so that i dont have to wear foundation anymore!..

p/s: supplementku...sila berkelakuan baik dan berkesan yeee...

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