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Friday, January 11, 2013

My Self-Development Wishes for 2013


Happy Saturday guys!!! Today no OT haha wanna give myself a lil' break...hmmm cant wait to get OT claim for last month... Alhamdulillah for the rezeki... So today i would like to share with my readers about my wish for this year... The unnecessary thing which i would like to do... Just for fun..  So let's make a list about it..

1. Baking Class

U guys know la how much I like to bake.. I like to bake cake..cake..cake as much as I love to eat them haha.. I love cake decoration... So i wish that some day in this year i can attend baking class... I wanna learn how to make cake, fondant and many more... I'm still searching for the class nearby but couldnt find it..If u guys know where baking class in Penang kindly let me know please..please..

2. Makeup class

Ok i know this is unnecessary.. I'm not gonna be 'Mak Andam" for what should i attend this type of class.. But hello this is just for fun.. I love art.. Makeup also a type of art.. color..style.. oh i love art.. Doesnt someone told u guys July's baby is an artistic hahaha... I just wanna learn how to make up.. like for side knowledge.. and still looking for the place.. and dont recommend me to attend that RM3000 makeup class..I'm not going to be MUA okeyh..

oh.. i wish i can make this wish come true.. 

i wanna have this..

Dont underestimate things that wanna do..!

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