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Saturday, January 5, 2013



First Sunday of January.. How u guys feel? Kind of tired because yesterday diligently do OT haha.. This all because i want to achieve my dreams for this year..hopefully Alhamdulillah.. Ok lately I saw so many people got married.. blogger..friends...neighbour...colleague... Congratulations!! U all already found "Pemilik Tulang Rusuk"... Who is my "Pemilik Tulang Rusuk"???

As other girl I also do have feeling to have my own family..to be loved by man called husband.. Dulu tergedik2 nak kahwin awal sebab nak ada gambar cantik2..shoot gambar pengantin.. But marriage it's not just having nice wedding photograph..not just having grand wedding reception...It's the life after that wedding reception..after that photograph shooting... for that I found myself is not ready yet for all this.. not for now.. too many i have to learn..  As my past love story were so hell thereunto i found myself a lil' bit phobia to be in a relationship..haha

But it doesnt mean I wanna stay single for the rest of myself.. The only thing I wanna get married is because i wanna have babies.. The cute creature ever... Let said if I dont find any good guy.. Maybe I'll adopt child.. That's more better than to be in wrong relationship again... But I'll make sure myself prepared well before get married... There's a lot of thing that i dont deserve to be a good wife yet.. and a lot of thing i dont achieve yet before i got married.. I am an ambitious girl.. I wanna achieve my dreams first then only get married..haha

ala tomey2...

The number of man in this world is so little.. The number of real man in this world is so little too.. and the number of good man is so damn little.. So dont really hope to get a man.. Chance to be "Andartu" is hight.. but bear it mind that Man's love in world sometimes dont last forever.. So better to have Man's love in Jannah that for sure last forever..Just make sure yourself is good enough to get a good guy.. and by marriage u already filled up half of your Imaan.. It's a fortune for those married girl.. For girl like me let's make ourself more close to Allah.. we're already full of sin in our previous relationship before.. The thing that we cant change maybe we can just repent to Allah.. Dont feel regret.. Allah please forgive me..And I'll accept all what Allah written my life to be...Alhamdulillah..

so for all dismay heart out there
here's for u


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