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Sunday, January 13, 2013

#GirlsDayOut : Fiza's E-DAy first date for 2013


All praises to Allah.. I wrote up this entry with full of blissful feeling in my heart... Just came back from hangout with my friends... Hmmmm it's been so long time we can meet up.. what i meant is 4 of us gathering together... We went to Fiza Nan's Engagement... Congrats my friend!!! Hmmm another my friend meet her "Pemilik Tulang Rusuk".. Alhamdulillah... Bestnya dah ketemu Sang Adam.. I jugak masih tercari dan tak nak cari dah haha.. So who's next??

Congrats Fiza..pasaipa nampak kmi cam siblings haha

After done with Fiza's engagement..we went to 1st Avenue... Finally, the 4 of us went there together.. yippie..yeehaaa.. hehe just have a talk...gossip girl talk...and window shopping... Erin and me had to control ourself from shoping due to achieve our target for this year.. hopefully amin...

Me and Nana

Erin and MJ
ohhh my cubby cheek T_T
Peplum Dress from
RM 59 
 i want to buy Electric Blue actually
but my mistake I accidentally choose Royal Blue(Navy Blue)

 at last can snap pic of 4 of us..


Pashmina style of Hentam-Saja-La
 Pening kot nak cari shawl yang match dengan baju ni.. 
at last I just wear with confident..

candid yang dirancang..
 and lastly

what is meant by SINGLE..

and thanks to Erin for bought us friendship ring..well at least i have ring to wear..

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