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Sunday, January 27, 2013

#FoodReview: The White House @ BJ


Today is the day I date with My mom..just two of us.. lama kot tak jalan2 dengan mak...huhuhu Dulu asyik keluar dengan kawan2 jek... Oh so mean... As today is Thaipusam so i decided to go to BJ because I know if i go to somewhere in town there'll jam...

Hmmm so long time since I went to BJ... I have a haircut today.. curly short razor bob... yeah lega sangat rambut dah pendek...suka...suka... my head feel lighter now... :).. As we dont took our lunch yet so we decided to go to The White House... wanna have some try there...as this is my first time there so i decided to make this entry as food review...

Mom patiently waiting for the food

so we ate

Smilely Potato...RM2.90/6pc
Mom eating Ramen with Chicken Slice & Egg..RM7.30
Carrot Milk Juice....RM5.80

quite tasty..yummy

Cheese Bake Bolognese Chicken Spaghetti..RM12.50

This is so bombastic,,i love it!!!

Mint Mellow (2 Scoops)..RM3.80
I love mint thingy...that's why i chose this flavor...

This shop is almost like Old Town and Paparich...Next time should try their white coffee..

Food&Price: ****
Enviroment: *****
Revisit: YES

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