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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Stress out

Tarikh: 22/03/2012
Tempat: my own world
Mood: oh yeah


It's been a long time since i have a very good plenty time.. Now my only pleasant day is Sunday.. yet to think that tomorrow have to go to work again finally feel everyday is so annoying haha.. Wake up in the morning.. go back at 6.00 o'clock sometimes 7..8..and the late one is at 9.00pm and my OT was burn that way.. useless OT.. came back from work with this tiredness from stress..tired waiting for bus and standing in the bus.. make me feel so exhausted.. But i know many out there is more pity than me.. i feel thankful..

My work were so stressful.. maybe lack of guidance or maybe also because of me who is not god enough.. I know i'm not in the accounting background and how could i simply said " i'm not from accounting background so i dont want to do it" then why from the first place i apply for this job.. My workplace was so terible for me and i was thinking to just quit. but i have commitment.. i have to pay back my RM2000 laptop loan to my parent.. the money that i've paid back was use for household too that's why i dont mind to pay back.. and Syukran i have RM250 more pending to pay.. which will be settle next month.. Thankful because of this commitment i were strong to go through this hardness time and behind all the negative thought i can see that Allah actually give something better for me.. 3 more month i'll can write up in my resume that i have 1 year experience.. if not because this commitment i will just quit and loss the knowledge i've gained.. Now i can add UBS Accounting 9.6 in my resume.. It's a skill.. every mistakes that i and my colleague done had taught us to be more clearer about what's going on..

Thanksfully i have colleague like Shaz.. we always motivate each other eventhough sometimes we feel so jaded with all this.. My jobscope there are multi.. I handle administrative and HR.. handle all account, payment.. upkeep of office.. now i've learned to do marketing.. I've went to one factory and managed to do RM22,300 sales for my company with the help of my colleague( later when i get my commission i'll treat her..) as i'm still new in marketing.. This is the biggest sale made within the staff.. ignore the sales that made by my boss which is million and hundred thousand.. to make this on is not easy as selling "pisang goreng".. I've to face many people... face that big people.. being scold being mad.. kena jadi muka tembok all that i have to face eventhough it's not my fault.. To talk belit2 in order to show a good service.. u all know that i'm not good with this..Behind this worst workplace actually i've gained so much knowledge which i think that i cant get from other company.. So i start to love what Allah give to me.. because Allah always give the best to me..

My salary doesnt reflect the job that i've done.. i'm getting this low salary because i've no experience.. hope so that after 1 year my boss will increase my salary that i deserved to get.. so that i'l stay more longer and in the same time try to search for a better job out there.. If i can get RM1500 at least i will be thankful but it's impossible.. but if i get it maybe i can buy car for my facility..hope so.. People out there doesnt know what my stress are.. I have so many work to be done urgently until i doesnt know which one to start with.. I have to remember many things until my brain cant remember any single things.. My time was packed but sometimes to release tension i'll online through phone hehe dont be as i am.. If people asked me what i do.. i always said i do everything.. yes i do almost everything..

Behind all this.. the positive side is.. i'll be strong person.. i think further.. and i learned a lot about this world..
so pity of me

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Romeo Laut said...

If u need better pay, then u have to search for it. got a lot vacancies in Port Klang. Try. But, as usual, better pay means more work load. Apapun, usaha kuat. kalau senang, singgah n follow..