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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Day 23 "Your top 10 pet peeves"

Your top 10 pet peeves

My 10 pet peeves..Alright let me list it..

1. Littering
I were so loathe with they people who like to litter in the public.. I found it so disgust.. Some people may said "hey it's normal dude" but it's one of my pet peeves dude.. sorry to say.

2. Smoking beside me
If i can just slap people who simply2 sit besides me and start smoking..konon acting so cool.. As a person whi use public transport.. i've faced this problem for so many times..

3. Dont wash plate and let it in the sink
owh man.. if u really wanna stay in a house with me.. Please avoid this attitude because i memang tak boleh pandang golongan macam ni wokey.. Pengotor.. baloq sangat ke nak cuci huh.. 

4. Pimples on my nose, forehead
Arggg hate pimples especially when it located at my nose.. Many of us had experienced right? so u all can imagine how pain and embrassing it is.. when u are in the public then people are more prefer to see your pimples than your beautiful eyes haha i dont like when it is on my forehead to.. because i feel so embrassing to walk in the public..

5. Service in supermarket
I'm not going to name it.. kang tak pasal2 kena saman wakaka.. Adalah supermarket tu when the time to pay then the items have no barcode so they just simply said " Barang ni tak ada barcode la tak boleh scan" so just let the items be left like that.. Come on la asked somebody to search for the code or u may save the code in the system or whatsoever.. So if all the item i took have no bar code then i have to just left the supermarket without nothing la? It's your company responsibility to ensure that all the items have bar code not us as customer..

6. Desperate Gedik Girl
Many of us wont like this type of "gedik-meluatnya aq-girl".. But dont worry if u are the type of gedik girl still have people that love your gedik so dont feel offended ok haha.. I really wanna know what's in their head when they start gedik2.. desperate to get attention perhaps? oh maybe perasaan comel bajet hot or something when there a huge amount of beautiful ladies out there but still they think they are super cute enough.. So if u are gedik2 girl please dont be my friend i'll get embarrassed by your attitude, your talk or whatsoever haha.. If so please dont show your gedik when u with me because i feel so loathe to see it..Thankfully most of my friends are NOT that type..

7. "JOM BUAT DUIT" advertisement
i really hate it when people start to tag me with this type of advertisement in FB.. send message or whatsoever.. Advertisement yang tunjuk duit berkeping2 tu.. Senang semua tak payah belajar just masuk tu then semua orang Malaysia jadi kaya raya tak buat apa2..??

8. Wearing glasses in aircond
the reason why i love to wear contact lens is because of this.. When i'm in the car for a long period then get out from the car then my glasses start to fog up and disturbing my view.. So annoying tau tak.. Especially bila nak jalan betul2 tak nampak..Then have to wait to get the glasses back to normal.

9. Ask me to go out from toilet
It mostly happen when i'm in my house.. When i saw that no one seems to use the toilet so i decided to take a shower then people ask me to go out because they in that "desperate" condition to use it.. Like it or not i have to go out... If in the public toilet, my friend or my family ask me to go out quickly because they found me in the toilet for a long period.. Well to be noted i'm a very paranoid person so i'll make sure that i feel "clean" enough before go out.. I dont know why some people can take that short time in the toilet.. well i know tak baik ada dalam toilet lama2 but it's for my hygiene ok..

10. My Sister's Alarm clock
wokey this things is really pissed me off.. My sister set an alarm in her phone for every 30 minutes.. and i feel like a hell sleeping besides her hahah jahatnya aq.. Actually like this, My sister's phone will start to "scream" at 6.30 then 7.00 then 7.30 then 8.00 then 8.30 in the morning and the person that awake is me!! the one that have to close the alarm while my sister is "tidur mati".. On working day i'll usually wake up on 8.00-8.15.. That hell alarm clock is disturbing my pleasant sleep.. Tambah2 pulak tengah malam tak boleh tidur.. I feel like want to throw her phone directly to the wall hahah but after thinking the consequence that i must pay her back so i just let it be and i'll continue my sleep at living room..

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