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Friday, March 9, 2012

Day 24 "Someone you would switch lives with for a day and why"

Someone you would switch lives with for a day and why

Well this is a complicated question.. Everyone live in this world have their pros and cons.. U may see a wealthy person but you may not no how busy will he or she be.. how many things she or he have to sacrifice.. U may see another person that have so many times to relax..to enjoy but u never know how suffer she or he'll be.. The simple sentences to summarize all this is 
"u'll never know how other live until you go into the same shoes"
So eventhough my life seem to have more cons than pros or pros than cons.. I just be so happy with my life.. And i dont want to switch lives with another because i'm happy being created by Allah this way..

Eventhough i'm not rich but i'm happy my life is more better than other and i'm not proud because someone else have more better life than me..

Eventhough i'm not pretty..i'm happy with this face Allah created.. Because someone may have worse skin problem than me and not proud with it because someone is more beautiful than me.. And with this i'll find someone that truly love me not because the way i look..

Eventhough my job were so suck but at least every month i got money even it's late..even it's just a little..because out there.. so many was hunting for job..

Eventhough i can go where i wanna go.. can get what i dream of.. i'm always happy with that because i know Allah always give the best things to me..

So guys.. please appreciate your life.. because when u look at the things u dont have u wont feel satisfied enough but when u appreciate what u have.. u'll be the richest person ever.. Thank Allah for this live

*seems like not answering the question but i just love my self.. sorry dude..

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