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Sunday, September 11, 2011

PINK...It just a matter of color..

Tarikh: 11/9/2011
Tempat: My Own World
Mood: Let me clear..

Have a nice day!!.. Currently i have no time to update my blog.. i have time actually but just feel a lil bit of exhausted..today is SUNDAY... so i have time to update my love blog :).. Speaking about color.. color or colour?? same meaning just a matter of language..ok put aside i'm not english teacher..

everyone have their own favorable and unfavorable color.. it's totally normal la dude... my favorite color is PURPLE,BLACK and right now i admire TURQUOISE *lebih kurang la cam turquoise. All know *not all la kan know well that i don't like PINK.. yes i don't like pink. what a big deal about that..? it just a matter of color.. i said "don't like" not "jaded" "hate" nor "allergic" to this color... I also dont like grey, yellow and other color.. it's normal la kan.. u guys also have one... So i think it's not a big sin or criminal for me to have pink stuff.. yes i said i dont like pink color it doesnt mean i have to stay away from pink color.. So when people ask me why i have or wear pink color even though i dont like it.. ok let me give examples.. Do i have to stop myself from buying drink from Cool Blog? Do i have to stop myself from buying baskin robin ice-cream just because it have pink color of spoon? Di i have to throw away my gift just because it have pink color? Do my closet should have purple, black and turquoise color? Do i have to ask my mother to change the bed sheets just because i dont like pink? or Do  i have to stop all pink stuff from my body just because i dont like pink?
-should i throw this cake just because it have pink color-

it's not make a sense right..why between my unfavorite color people only notice pink? i dont like yellow too but i have yellow shoes.. i dont like brown but i have plenty of brown stuff.. So if we said we doesnt like certain color..people should not stop us from having stuff with that color.. it just a matter of color why take so serious?...unless he/she said " oh please i dont like that color..please make me stay away from that color" ok in this case maybe we can counter strike them...why i have my unfavorable color outfit with me? should i have only my cup of tea color in my closet..what if i have to wear other color for event.. That's why i have my favourable and unfavourable color in my closet..
-there's purple,pink,brown and black..why pink is the only noticeable-

I used to love BLACK color only.. all my closet only have black outif.. so should i limited my outfit color just because i love BLACK damm so much.. right now i love PURPLE and TURQUOISE.. it shown that people change all the time.. maybe right now i dont like pink in future who knows... maybe right now i love PURPLE damn so much in future maybe i'll dislike it.. is just a matter of color right.. it's not a big sin nor criminal.. EVERYONE HAVE THEIR OWN CUP OF TEA..i hope this entry can answer all of thy question and confusion about me..

life full with color

p/s: People will never be like us.. And we will never be like them.. So just respect each other...

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