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Friday, August 7, 2015

My Military Diet Journey Half Year Review


Acece half year pun nak buat review...bajet sangat ahaksss.... It's already pass half year of 2015 pwehhh I dont achieve anything I've planned.. oh my..oh my... so its time to turn the gear and speed up zuzu...speed up...and drive like Torento...tiba2 pulak... Ok let me share my weight for this half year... I've diet... I've exercise... I've stop diet.. I've stop exercise then this is the result...

ok ignore my ugly handwriting.. I just have bad handwriting and i know it and i dont know how to write properly..hey i should be a doctor kot....hahaha so basically my weight is not stable.. So for July it's drop because of fasting month i guess.. and now after raya i dont really know how much I've gained... but i know it's going to rise rapidly because i can feeeellll it.... and more worse I've ate so much of food for this 2 weeks.. KFC, MCD, DOMINO, NASI KANDAR... I dont know why i'm craving for those fatty food so much.. So it's already August and I aim for 45kg for this coming December..it's sound impossible kaa? maybe i should aim for 48kg muscle weight.. it's so frustrated everytimes i wanna start my Atkins Diet.. all the food start to teased me...dont give up Zuzu!! Dont paid attention to whoever tells you no... perhaps I should start losing at least 2KG per month..


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