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Friday, February 20, 2015

Food Review : Roots By Melting Bites


After watched movie yesterday with my bestie... Nad asked me whether I'm hungry or not... Actually we had already our lunch (3.30pm) at Kapitan.. Chicken Briyani Claypot yippie!!! The movie finished by 7.30 like that.. so it's alright to have some dinner hahaha how i feel so guilty to my self for having fatty food.. nahhhhh once a blue moon nevermind....

As we discussing about where to go, Nad suggest about Roots.. which I totally never heard before..so why dont give a try... So we arrived there... it's a Bumiputera restaurant i guess.. but the enviroment the decoration of the restaurant is so nice..something so different..so unique....and the cute waiter too ehhh! ok forget it....

I forgot what Nad ate yesterday..I mean I forgot the name.. I think it's a Grilled Chicken Chop.. and mine is Jumbo Sausage...RM17.90 each come with Iced Lemon Tea..

order number
force Cik Nad to snap my pic and act like it's a candid...cliche!!

pic from google

pic from google
Rating time!!

Food&Price: ****
Environment: *****
Revisit: why not?? hehehe

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