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Sunday, February 22, 2015

53.4 Kilogram


Again it's an assignment time! Again me delaying doing it hahaha... So I'm not going to talk bout' assignment... Yesterday, I've checked my weight after quite a long time scarily doing it.. Last time was 50KG i guesss... and after doing all those killer workout i thought it going to be less but..but 53.5KG....ohhh dayyyummmm... Histeria Mak Jemah... I couldnt accept so I check again on another machine.. 54.1KG.. what daaa.... ok right... It's time..it's time to accept....  haishhh I only eat so much in three days... dayyummmmm... but it's ok... i'll fight again... i'll never surrender..ehhh yup never surrender to fight in this battle with fat... It just a month Zuzu nothing will really be obvious...

So what on earth is really the intention for us mostly girl to be slim..?? could it be becuase we want to look more beautiful than Mak Jemah...? hahah tiba2 nama Mak Jemah jugak diguna... Could it be because we want to be accept by the public..? Could it be that we will never run when we saw our Ex Pak Meon?? hahha Meon mana pulakkk... whatever it is... we will always have that one reason why we want to transform...

For me because I hate the feel of tiredness after a long walk.. because I dont hate the excess fat around my belly.. i hate when i cant put my button... I hate when my jeans unzip by itself.. I hate when i cannot wear certain outfit.....yeahhh and i really want to wear white outfit.. but have to forget it because white will make me look more bigger... So Dear Fat, again i'll fight again and i'll never surrender!!

pic yang tak dak kena mengena kadang itu perlu..
p/s: Di dunia akhir zaman ini..kenapa kau lagi kesah akan berat yang bertambah dari dosa yang bertambah...ehhh

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