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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Puffy 3 Tones Brown from Miyulens


Still excited with new resolution...?? Remember if not now than u wont do it!! Please trust me this time... So as i'm so busy emm not busy but lazy to go to mall to buy one thing..sodecided to buy online... i hate if i have to go to mall alone just to buy one thing because i'll end up buying more than that... and for this January 2015.. the first month of 2015.. i am actually wanna try new contact lens... so as i surfing and keep surfing internet then i found this.. Miyulens instagram...

Fall in love with puffy 3tones brown... I am now prefer contact lens that look obvious but not too obvious..hahaha just like the freshkon brand.. i like the stardust pattern..so check out my new contact lens...

RM30.00 postage included
Diameter 14.5
No wonder look bigger...now can feel korean girl's eye..
it just nice the color not too obvious..just dolly type..

360 effect..makan hati la nk dpt kulit camni..

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