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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Farewell Dinner for Husnill at Eastern & Oriental Hotel


As 2014 is going to the end.. I wanna make another entry... My blog have been abandoned for a long time I guess.. I have face so many difficulties this lately.. All is miserable.. I'm lost and need to find my own soul and body together back.. Ok forget about it.. Let's go to main topic..

It's a last day for our practical student..2 month just passed just like pwehhhhh...so fast...Reminiscing about my practical time.. 6 month.. so long journey to the end... but yet i still gained experience.. and sadly I dont really get along with people there.. because I'm a lil bit of shy-shy girl-next-door type of a girl that time...hahaha I dont talk to you if you dont talk to me... But time passed by.. and i grew up and also maybe because of my jobscope..I've changed drastically.. No longer shy-shy girl... but still shy but not that so shy la haha.. My friend Nas noticed that..haha she said " Zu.. dulu hang tak macam ni.. Totally dah berubah.." yeah I noticed that too friend.. As long as it build up my confidence level I dont mind..

Ok enough with my story.. This is our super naughty practical student..what a lucky.. we have farewell dinner at Eastern  & Oriental Hotel for this 'kid'.. hahaha  after this no one gonna called me Hobbit..pendek.. anymore yess... As we reached there too early as dinner is at 7pm..so photo snapping time la kan...hehe

My OOTD... I'm so fat...dayyyum...

people come and go
it's a part of our life
till we meet again..
Your journey about Life have begin..
Good Luck..

 'Sometimes you will never know the value of moment, until it becomes a memory.'

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