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Thursday, July 17, 2014

I'm turning to 24 years old lady


16 July!. Yeah my birthday!! one day that usually people get excited with besides Hari Raya hehe.. Alhamdulillah my birthday this year once again fall in Ramadhan.. And I hope all the prayers from all of you be fulfied amin ya rabbal alamin..

I'm 24 already... how time flies.. hmmm I'm a bit disappointed actually because I'm failed to accomplish my mission this year..but somehow all the greetings all the gifts and sweet celebration make me feel a little special that day.. May Allah grant u all happiness hereafter..okey..

I'm taking a quite long leave for my birthday.. the best gift I can give to myself hehe.. I dont want someone to ruin my besday mood so u guys better take leave on your besday haha.. trust me it helps a lot unless u are working in a fantastic working environment..so let's throw some picture

Thanks to Nadiah and Sen for this superb advanced gifts..
Awal 4-5hari kot.. 
Thanks for your time and effort to bright my day that day..
sanggup datang semata2 nak kasi hadiah jek

Thanks to My Sis and her fiance for bought this cake by riding motorcycle..
May Allah grants both of u happiness hereafter..eventhough it's not that kind of expensive cake but who care..thanks for the effort.. and to Ina for my second birthday cake.. first time dapat 2 cakes.. I blow the candles two times.. It taste awesome.. chocolate cake from Equoiteral Hotel..

Ina taking me out for celebration and iftar..
thanks a lot dear for making me feel special..
we celebrate at Bahtera TomYam..
she brings her daughter a long..
I like her so much.. cute naughty girl who so obssesed with aeroplane..
manja dia ye nak Aunty Zuzu pimpin..dukung..duduk atas riba..tarik2 brooch n bracelet Aunty zuzu..ohh Aunty dah diri ni.. nanti keluar lagi k..

p/s: i have a great birthday this year... and my wish are forgiveness and happiness from Allah.. and to my 'past' man any how i thanks u for the wish..why suddenly...

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