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Monday, July 21, 2014

And it's MH17


Let's recite Al-Fatihah to them..

I've received that shocking news.. I thought and hope it just a rumors.. but it's the truth.. Ya Allah.. My Malaysia.. Just couple of month ago about MH370.. Ya Allah... life is fragile is it.. But I do hope that peoples in MH370 still alive and return to their family.. because it's missing..not like MH17.. they've be shot down by cruel people.. so pity of them and their family.. who's gonna expect thing like this to be happen.. mostly in this fasting month where Eid is just around the corner.. life is a fragile thing again.. many people from many countries..in one aeroplane..they bought the same flight tickets.. they brings their luggage probably there's a gifts for the loved ones.. their wish to celebrate Eid. .their wish for holiday..for business trip.. they are just innocent peoples.. I dont know what is the real intention of the people who shot them..but what I know it is so damn bad cruel thing ever... And what's hurt me more.. no one wanna be answerable. . And it even hurt more to see the bodies being abandoned.. they took away the bodies. .hide from us.. the question is why??

It's not valuable to u guys but believe me it is so valuable to their family.. what type of heart?? So many peoples waiting for the bodies of their loved ones..Please have some respect to the owner of the bodies.. would you like it to be treated like that when u are dead? True..I live in the cruel world.. Let's pray so that all this cruelty would be end..and never stop pray for our brothers n sisters in Gaza.. They've been tested so are we.. la haulawala quataila billahialiyilazim..

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