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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Addicted to makeup


have u heard that makeup is just like drugs... once's u try it u cant stay without it.. first I was like 'ye lah tu...".. but now it's like ohhh noo...someone help me.. I used to be a girl that only wear compact powder..bottom eyeliner..and that kind of lipbalm or lip gloss.. that's it I'm ready.. day by day as I grow up to adult.. I start with all that foundation.. concealer.. mascara.. eyeliner.. eyeshadow..blusher.. colored lipstick..

As I'm working in a frontliner.. I need to groom myself..I have to wear all that.. previously I will change my eyeshadow color matching with my outfit then I choose to stick to one color so that I wont waste my time thinking what color should I wear.. but it still colored.. I love to combine yellow and orange.. so when I'm not working or maybe after taking my wudhu after all the make getting rid off.. pergghh all the scar.. the pale.. that so macam orang sakit..

now I love to draw eyebrow and I found myself look weird with no fake eyebrow drawing on.. ohh I cant stand all this.. so right now I slowly minimise my usage of make up.. all wrinkles start to appear around my eyes.. I start to wear natural color... light brown eyeshadow just to get rid the apprearance of dark circles.. and still drawing my eyebrow huhu.. this one is the dangerous drug.. I feel so weird without it..konon macam cantik la konon da kening palsu tu.. no la..

p/s: hey I adore the sephora make up pallette.. just like an ipad shape..

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