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Friday, June 6, 2014

ohh not again


 Luckily I'm using smartphone.. I can still post entry hehe u guys know my laptop "faint" again.. ohhh not again. .!!! And I'm so frustrated. . I have 1 more exam paper..huhu I need my laptop..even there's still note in my phone but I like to study using my laptop..

I don't really like to print my course material because I'll end up throwing it away after exam vecause my room is just small and I don't really have enough space for that.. but thanks to my friend Naz.. She's willing to share some notes with me.. so sweet of u... arghh now I feel the burden.. to pay my next sem fee and need to buy new laptop some more huwaaaa.. actually I'm planning to buy something I adore but nevermind maybe it's not my luck or maybe not the time to own it..

hmmmm.. life getting more difficult as I grow older haha.. yeahh this weekend last exam paper..after wanna have fun..wanna celebrate... hey I guess it ok to reward your ownself kan..

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