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Thursday, June 12, 2014

1st Semester already past.. Fairytale story nowadays


Alhamdulillah... dah habis dah semester 1 ni.. last sunday was my last exam paper.. principle and practise of management... pwehhh soalan sebijik macam assignment kot... better aku hafal jek jawapan assignment aku.. bila lecturer kata masuk soalan macam assignment.. I guess maybe just the topic.. so I've read many thing..arghh I should listen to my lecturer next time... like who's on earth gonna believe when your exam's question will be same as your assignment's question.. but nevermind it's over already.. my hope is just to pass the exam hehe..amin..

Can't believe I can make it to semester 1.. u guys know la private staff like me.. so many work not enough time.. all the hardship things happened in this first semester.. Thanks Allah for helping me n guiding me through this all.. I know well my result wont be that so fantastic but I do hope I dont have to repeat all that..

So that day after finished exam me and Nas straight away to Queensbay. . I wanna watch Maleficent.. owhh man that's story was so awesome.. or is there any word more than awesome.. I just love it. First we thought of watching it in 3d.. Unfortunately it's unavailable huhu.. and guess what we have to queue n reluctantly choose the seat in front near the screen.. luckily sanggul help my head  a lil bit kihkih..

I like the story.. it's differ than the original story of sleeping beauty.. I like maleficent's character in that story.. it shows how people near you can betrayed u.. how people can change other to be bad.. and bad person is not always bad.. see how maleficent care about Aurora..and the best part is the meaning of true love kiss.. the word "true love".. people always imagining love between man n women.. but in reality actually true love can be  a love from mother.. a love from father..siblings and might be from friend.. I adore Disney story nowadays.. although it's fairytale but it teach us lesson about nowadays life.. example, Frozen.. maybe wencan quote few words from the story such as "u cannot marry a man u just meet" how it totally sound so sarcastic to all Disney's fairytale story. . And again the true love meaning again.. sister's love..

Alright.. now there's so many things collides in my mind.. I just cant bear it anymore. . But I trust in Allah's planning..for it, I know the best..

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