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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pre-Annual Dinner : The Night of Music And Dance


Finally they announced our theme for this time annual dinner... yeah good to know early so that we can start to find the best suit... but..but.. the theme is The Night of Music And Dance... and i was like __________..

yeah blank....

what to wear??
If i'm freehair I just know what to wear...
put on your clubbing outfit.. highlight your hair..
ready to go baby!

but i'm wearing hijab...
what to wear???
oh ya thought of wearing black bling2 jacket with bling2 inner with black pants...
and yeah nice heel will make it more adorable i guess
but yeah
money again!!!

pic source from google
lebih kurang camni cuma labuh kan apa yang patut..

arghh blank!!!!

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