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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Day 22 : My skincare Product "Cosmoderm"

Day 22 : My skincare Product "Cosmoderm"

yeah after one product jump to another product..
right now i'm using tea tree set fom cosmoderm..
actually just wanna give a try
I know cosmoderm through FB and my colleague Kak Shida
she offered me to use her pimple gel that time.. 
I always stick to one product for quite long time before start to try another..

This product can only be purchase at selected pharmacy outlet only..
so dont worry because u guys can direct purchase through online..

come on check them out!

Firstly i try facial cleanser because I'm afraid if the product doesnt suit me.. but positively no bad reaction..
so i chose to try 1 set..
i've ordered online

Tara...hehe I just purchase 3 items which in small container but the box is just so big hahaha

so i bought all this... cannot give any feedback yet..

so i wanna give this product for 6month probation period hehe
if my face still like that
have to sacrifice my money to seek doctor..

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