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Friday, June 14, 2013

#KakiMelangkah ke Flower Dome @Gardens By The Bay, Singapore

Assalamualaikum my fellow awesome readers....

Yeah finally i can continue post entry with this awesome health's condition hahaha... awesome.. i like that words... So on the first day in Singapore i went to Flower Dome at the Gardens By the Bay.. Fee of $28 to enter Flower Dome and Cloud Forest..Later i'll post about Cloud Forest..

i love the yellow tulips damn so much dude..

This place is some kind of paradise... for flower lover boleh pengsan ooo... cantik gila bunga2 kat sini serius cakap... dengan bau2 lagi... Oh ini sangat paradise...

Oh forgot what this plant's name... Is so beautiful.. just like it's coated with snow... feeling overseas sebentar....

have to queue just to snap pic at this place..

with Nas's Parent
yeah i'm the queen without crown...emmm tiara crown..LOL

There are so many beautiful place for photo snapping.. but so crowded so annoying a lil bit..

Such a very very nice sweet fragrant place.... So many flower so many plant...

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