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Friday, June 14, 2013

#KakiMelangkah ke Cloud Forest @Gardens By The Bay, Singapore

Assalamualaikum my readers....Please enjoy your weekend while reading through my pages of life..

So as per promised before... Here i wanna share about Cloud Forest.. It is also located at Gardens By The Bay..Just next to Flower Dome... This place i damnly like so much... because it has waterfall... ahhh i like waterfall view....

oohhh pengsannnn....cantik suka sangat
 Kena percikan air terjun ni syok... sejuk jek kitewww raseeee...teeheee
i heart this so much

moving mini toy..awesome..
gayat sangat.. =_="
aiseh.. Nas kita...

ohhh weee loveee flowerss...

muka cover takut gayat
Naik titi tu serius gayat gila.. I really lose control really afraid so i hold Nasreen tightly...haha apa la aku ni..

so here Keek video for u all..

excited tau kawan kite ni.. see how happy she is..LOL

hey look up at the Big Snail

what can i say is i heart this place so much...
really love...

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