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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Happy Labour Day & Let's Vote


Yeahhhh holiday today..So how u guys celebrate your holiday.. me emmm just at home.. blogwalking while eating chocolate hahaha this is an awesome situation okeyh...!! But not all worker holiday today.. They r not taking their leave just for others... Just imagine all holiday... No bus, no taxi.. no shopping complex...n whatelse? so thanks to them...

So this is my 2nd year of becoming worker.. I started to become a worker on June 20.. Becoming a worker is quite fun and tired.. Sometimes i wonder how can people work for many years.. This is because they have commitment and responsibility..have to work.. same goes to me la.. Have to work.. But i feel so thankful at least i have income...Maybe it's hard but in the end alhamdulillah for all this.. Our life maybe not same as other just go through it with smile and have faith in Allah..

Hey 5 April is just around the corner.. my first time voting.. so guess who i vote?? ssshhhh secret...secret....secret recipe... #tiba2ja.. Yes if i vote i still have to go to work,, my salary still like that.. and so on.. But this vote still gonna change our life slowly.. I vote for my religion's right.. my race's right.. I deeply dont want my next or now generation to face problem such as problem to pray.. No time to pray at work... no permission to pray at work.. for men cannot go to Jumaat prayer... So please for people who can vote change your mentality of not-voting to must-voting for our generation..for our religion..

It's so sad when we live in the country that we lose our right.. mostly our religion's right.. no matter who u vote please make sure our religion's right is strong there... and pray to Allah so that He can guide us whom to chose..


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