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Friday, February 15, 2013

#GirlsDayOut: Mas Wedding's Reception


That day I went to my old schoolmate's wedding reception..hence, another of my friend meet her "Adam".. hmmm suddenly make me feel wanna have my "Adam" too.. but nahhhh.... So this is the time for me to meet my old school buddies yang dah lama tak ketemu.. ohh i miss u all so much la.. Dapat jumpa sikit orang jek.. So that day Ina fetched me to the wedding... Her daughter were so cute.. hmmmm dah ada 2 anak dah.. Kenapa banyak sangat orang dah kahwin ni..?? #tibatiba

muka cemgini mana nak dapat Sang Adam muehehe
my buddy
Ija, Nad, Me, Ina n her daughter Rabiatul
gambar ditempat sama harus berulang..
Congrats Mas..Navy uu..

Kahwin dengan Navy ada angkat2 pedang..so Nad come out with idea
of using star wars sword instead of.. more colorful..
hmmm what a great idea..

Blue Peplum from CuteKoreanStyle
oohhh Peplum fever!!!!!!!!!!

meeting old friends is so fun... it shows how u changed..
should arrange another date...
next month hopefully..
Thanks to Nad for send me home with her new car hehe

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