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Monday, February 11, 2013

#GirlsDayOut : CNY @ QB


Holiday again...Alhamdulillah i can rest my body..kind of exhausted right now...But it doesnt stop me form hang out with my friend.. This time Nana and Erin is not following....arhhhh incomplete again... So as just two of us (Mirae n Me).. apa lagi.. Karok ja la keja kami... Karok at Neway and because of CNY it cost RM15/hour instead of RM10/hour... hmmm nevermind... We only sang for 1 hour as we are running out of time as the movie of Hansel and Gretel started at 4.15pm.. Yippie finally i've made it.. This movie were so awesome.. can i give  ***** to this?!

Hmmm wanna have some little shopping but due to my stupid careless mistake i forgot to bring my ATM machine again... arghhhhh i hate when it comes to this... so have to withdraw money from other bank which have less money..so that money is just enough for entertainment and food... right after watching Hansel and Gretel.. we went to Tutti Frutti... this time have to owe Mirae's money..hahhaa careless again...

teeheee :)
i'm getting big n bigger..:(
distort leg..T_T
oh my leopard bag..love it!
hmmm wish Nana and Erin is there with us so we dont have to snap pic like this as there r no one to take our picture together...

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