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Saturday, February 16, 2013

#ContactLensStory:natural 3 tones BLUE


Contact lens review again!!! This time i try to wear blue color contact lens and of course the one that are not so obvious..

it looks like grey that's why i bought it

close up

I rarely wore small diameter contact lens..so when the first time i wore it.. my face look different.. yela tak nampak cam anime dah mata bulat. so terima seadanya mata saya tak gorgeous... T_T tapi alhamdulilah saya masih boleh melihat..walaupun rabun..

hmmm after this i were thinking of buying natural color again..
brown of course..

1 comment:

DilaMilin said...

yang ni contact lens blincon ke?? tak nampak sgt bluish tu..tp cantik mata awak..hehe :D