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Thursday, August 9, 2012

#ContactLensStory: "bueberry natural hazel"


I bought contact lens again...This time from online.. I know before this I've determined not to buy online contact lens.. but hard to resist la http://www.emocutez.com. The only reason why I love contact lens from online@korea is because they have too many option..too many style and pattern..and awesome...

So as my contact lens is going to get expired by this month so i bought from the one and only my contact lens shop Faeza GorgeousLens Corner .. Actually i got so confused which pattern of contact lens to choose because just to many of them... If only i have extra money hehe

so i decided to buy 
bueberry with Natural Hazel as my option

the natural color caught my eyes attention
because it enough when people said that
my eyes look like "Burung hantu"

looks more natural and not that too obvious..

so this is my eyes for Raya muehehehe

hmmm interested with this one.

Jewel with Brown color

for my convo perhaps..

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