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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Month of August


Hi All.. It's already August 2012 beb... Month of Merdeka..Month of Raya.. As the time passing by, feel like 1 year period is too short.. Already August... Next week SPA result will be announce.. Cannot put 100% hope for that because cant bear the discontentment that will be feel... But I do hope.. The only way for me to go from that place.. I cant no longer stand.. The pressure is just too high... If I dont get.. Looks like I have to stay more longer there.. I always believe Allah will not give what we want BUT He'll give what we need.. And I hope For Allah Mercy.. And I know Allah will give the best for me but not at that place.. I feel insecure... I feel like persecuted... I feel humiliated..

Deep in my heart I feel so sympathy for people like you.. Never said that I am good enough but I do feel like you need to be help.. I pray that someday and sooner u can see the light through your eyes that being blinded by darkness of your heart...

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