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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pre-Raya Preparation..color 2012


Olla all... how u guys?? hahaha talking like i have many readers...pwehhh so sad.. But it's ok.. I write for fun and i know somehow my friends gonna read this..aint sweetie? So as raya is just around the corner.. I would like to review upon raya preparation.. I dont why this year i feel not excited at all.. not excited with my birthday.. not interested with Raya... As previous raya i'll be the one who so damn excited to choose what kuih raya to make but this raya.. I dont choose at all.. not even one... owhhh what really happened to me?? I just helped my mother to do biskut raya... argggg i'm lost this year.. why??

Actually i planned too early but when i cannot achieve it i feel something.. I planned to buy baju raya to my mom and dad but somehow due to so many things that i have to use my own money.. I can't buy what i wanna buy to my parent.. Hey i got RM500 from company as duit raya.. Alhamdulillah.. so i decided to give RM250 to my parent.. It's not the actual amount that i wanna give but i do honestly gave to them.. And i do hope next year if i'm still alive i'll give more... ok stop being emotional... eventhough i feel not excited as before but i still happily shopping and make preparation early..hahha cant resist this shopaholic disease.. and the only thing i excited is to give duit raya to my nearest nieces and nephews... Dont know why but fee so excited... at first i dont think i can make it to give to them... but when i got my duit raya so i decided to give to them.. Rezeki perlu dikongsi.. Eventhough not muc but i come from my sacred heart aisehhh hahaha..

so excited to get new note from bank..

 so over ok.. eventhough i know they gonna throw this sampul away
but i wanna choose the nice one

okey already choose
different sampul different amount
opppss secret..

cant wait to give to them

and hey this my 2012 raya color
i do changed a lot actually
if before this i only stick to one color
but now
so full of color..
so my wardrobe wont look gloomy anymore..

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sha_azmi said...

ehem ehem..nak duit raya jgak =D