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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Last Day... just can't believe

Tarikh: 27 april 2011
Tempat: my poly
Mood: yeah..owhhh


yeah..last day... ectually 25/4/2011 is my last exam paper... i want to update this blog on that day but my laptop faint again arghhhhh.. it happen again!!!... so after this if i dont update this blog oftenly just understand k T_T.. right now i using my brother laptop.. yeahh finally everything is over... emm i think i'm not done well in this examination.. well it's ok la just wait n see the result and just appreciate what i will get (ayat pujuk diri..:)).. seriously can't believe that all just over that way.. fuh.. after this no more waiting for PTPTN... ahaha no more assigment no more laboratory.. no more attending class... and i have to go to work.. to find work... what can i do? errr it's hard to find job that suitable for me... besa la lembab2 cikit.. but after this i will go to PSP(POLITEKNIK SEBERANG PERAI) for database course under 3P... i was reluctantly to go for this course at first.. but after thinking and get recommendation from my friends.. i think i better go.. it will be held on 3may-30may.. yeahh staying in hostel... so i can practice myself staying in hostel..

i was so super duper excited to go there.. i've bought all the necessary things to go there.. it's so exciting ok when u push trolley that full with your things in supermarket haha... but unfortunately something happen when my family and i came back.. my father slipped and fell on bathroom when we are not there.. luckily his head is not hitting something.. otherwise just imagine what could happen?? my father is 67 years old ok..it's so dangerous for old people to fall.. my father try to contact us but he don't remember our phone number.. he don't use handphone.. so luckily he remembered his friend telephone number so he called and his kind friend took him to clinic nearby.. doctor just give some medicine and injection if my father still feel pain in a week he had to do xray... fuh so thanksful nothing happen.. so we have decided not to leave my father alone in house anymore coz my mother scare this thing will happen again..

moral of the story: if u have old parent dont let them be alone.. go and see your parent oftenly coz we don't know what might happen..

p/s: sorry no picture for this entry although i want to upload many picture.. maybe in the next entry after i got my lappy back.. gonna miss my blog

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