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Saturday, April 16, 2011

I'm done with MUET T_T

Tarikh: 13/4/11 and 16/4/11
Tempat: SMK SG ARA
Mood: err...


yeah i know it's quite late for me to take MUET but it's never too late to be what u want to be hehe.. seriously i admit that i'm not ready and not prepared.. even my MUET's book also still have many blank page showing that i'm not doing the exercise haha..haish rugi ja beli.. i have insufficient time to do all the exercise because i have to do my final project and many other task.. my final exam is just around the corner.. can u imagine how my brain stressed out...???


ok .. i had my speaking test on 13 april at SMK SG ARA.. the second time i've came to this school.. first was because my taekwando grading.. fortunately all the candidate are my friends.. so i don't feel awkward to talk.. i'm the last group so as waiting for the time can u put yourself into my shoes and feel how i feel butterfly on my stomach..?? so it's the time.. when i looked at the question i felt so relieved because i have point to talk.. easy task.. what is the most suitable way to make a happy life? and as candidate D. the point given is " learn from mistake".. so easy right.. but unfortunately because i felt so nervous i couldn't speak properly and calmly..argghhh when i don't know how to arrange my words then the examiners start to stare at me.. so it double up my nervous and i couldn't think at all.. arggghh so frustated


ah'ha mostly people hate this paper.. this because the high level word used in the article.. i don't take my breakfast today.. when i start doing the exam i stay calm.. err please la.. who make this question. it's so hard.. for the first time i feel my confident answer not more than 5.. oh man.. i'm dead... totally numb.. so u tried to read all the passage and try hard to understand it.. i've started to feel stress.. when i feel stress i usually feel like want to vomit, to faint, hard to breath and dizzy.. seriously stress out.. so i calm myself.. " eida jangan wat pasal kat sni... jangan la muntah.. sat wat malu ja..' i tried to feel calm and thinking happly things hehe.. luckily i've managed to control myself.. fuh..


again.. the question is quite easy.. because it a general topic.. " the most valuable things in life is friendship"do u agree?
.. i don't think i'm done it well.. i'm afraid of grammer mistakes and the way the essay is being organized.. when it come to end i've counted the words and i got 203 words for question1..( err i know i over it).. for question 2 i got 392..haiyooo


i hate this test.. why must it had to repeat 2 times only.. it should be 3 times ok.. i couldn't hear it clearly because i'm doing the test in council.. so it totally reverberate... i coulnd't complete the task.. errr...

fuh.. i've already done with muet.. feel so relieved.. now i can concentrate to my final exam.. what i've learned from my MUET test is my english was so poor.. haiyaa... what i'm going to do with my undone MUET's Book?? throw it? burn it?? haha of course keep it and do the exercise.. learned english not only for taking MUET but also for life...

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