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Friday, October 3, 2014

Hippie Chestnut By Freshkon


That day suddenly my Shimmering Grey contact lens feel not comfortable.. I feel so terrible that day and i guess it is because the contact lens is already tore up..Then luckily I still keep the Glinting Brown.. so used it before I bought my Hippie Chestnut.. hmmm looks like I get attached with the Freshkon brand!!

I went to Queensbay that day and start to search for it because I really want to try this color! I went to 2 optical shop and they said I need to order it.. arrghhh I need new contact lens asap...! They tried to persuade me to buy another color that are available...but I want hippie chestnut..

Then next day I went to BJ to bought it.. and yeah luckily they have stock... so I have my Hippie Chestnut hehe...
From different types of lightning..

U smile..I Smile...

Actually Perky Brown..Misty  Grey and Hippie Chestnut are more likely the same..
for Hippie Chestnut it just like Perky Brown but the brown tone is more lighter..

love it !!!

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