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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tutti Frutti And Spiderman


Hmmm kalau ambik cuti 5 hari tak keluar rumah itu adalah satu yang tidak awesome bro... So hari Jumaat tu.. ada la sikit hal... then memang rasa nak keluar.. tapi hari orang kerja kan nak ajaq sapa keluar huhuhu.. pwehh nasib baik Kiroro ajaq keluar... Adik kembar kita dah balik...! Teman Kiroro beli tiket train dekat Seberang... Penuh la pulakkk... Then pergi Terminal Sg Nibong... ok agak malas nak pergi sana actually.. sebab selalu ada anasir2 yang tak diingini datang mengacau.. Tapi kot mana pun memang kena pergi jugak Terminal ni kalau nak langkah laut..bukannya anak orang kaya kan nak nek flight ekekeke..

As predicted..anasir2 datang... This time so annoying.. I know I should keep silent but pwehhh just cant control my anger that day... so tercetus la war disitu... and believe me it's so annoying... pretty annoying.. seriously should make a police report upon this matter!! They try to embarrass us with all that kind of "barking"  sound... and use tudung as the only modal they have to fuss with us..well gentleman if you are so good in religion  then you wont approach us in that so near distance.. yeah i know someone who try to be cool but only make themselves look fool right gentleman?! And Alhamdulillah with the mercy from Allah.we are save that day eventhough they try to put cone on the road.. yeah luckily they are smart too..if they put the cone in the middle.. they seriously get them into trouble..(I mean we can directly call police at that time..this time this gonna be big issues) so as they are so smart they put it on the side of the road try to what it called 'gertak' us la konon...I somehow adore Kiroro driving's skill.. yeah girl if u guys in this situation just push hard the pedal and go faster as u can... My mistake i admitted.. Lesson to myself never talk to idiot..they only bring us to their level..

ok forget it! let's enjoy the day... Tutti Frutti time!

u guys know how long i've been not watching  movie... cant really remember what last movie I've watched.. So i really wanna watch movie..I wanna watch Spiderman!! Yeah it's quite long time since 4 of us i mean Kiroro, Nas, Nana and me went to movie... so i guess this is the opportunity we have.. but.. Nas is not well that day and Nana have to be at working place... hmmmmm so just two of us.. watching Spiderman 3D.. ohhh i love that movie... and i love Harry Osborn.. I adore his eye,, grey.. and his smile.. haiyaa why i always like bad boy... after that as usual karokkk time!!

Hmmm not much pict... it feel so incomplete...Yeah i miss going out 4 of us...

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