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Sunday, January 26, 2014

#ContactLensStory : Brown By ColorSoft


Finally managed to find sweet time with my blog... So as usual for the month of this January I bought this contact lens..ehhh actually for February...muahehhe.. alright bising banyak pun tak guna let's proceed to the main agenda... I bought this at optic shop again.. yey congratulation Zuzu for being disciplined hehe..

Yeah i just love to try new product and new pattern but it must be brown or grey only.. so this time i chose Brown...

ehhmmm color dia macam yang dah pernah pakai...
tak pe lah asal boleh nampak huruf and jalan kira ok la tu..

price  RM45 for 3month usage
comfortness... quite comfortable
which mean my eyes not getting reddish easily..

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