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Thursday, May 30, 2013

#KakiMelangkah ke Singapore Day 1


arghhhhhh...so excited... Alhamdulillah new achievement I've made this year.. going overseas hehe overseas la sangat padahal Singapore ja kot... Alhamdulillah boleh guna duit sendiri untuk pergi melancong... Do u guys know how long since i've gone to travelling...huhuu Specially thanks to Nas n her family for all the help.. Nas's parent followed us... if not i dont think so we can make it.. Actually Nas n me had planned this trip on December last year.. Alhamdulillah achieve dah... ada 2 trip lagi kot dalam planning...

excited tunggu flight awal..


So we take AirAsia flight..more cheaper i guess.. but the shortage is the narrow seat.. I do really feel not comfortable in that 1 hour n 20minutes journey but who care as long as i can go to Singapore... Ticket fare is RM475.. ok kan..guess what i always think about incident that happened in "Airtime crash" in the flight hahaha i should not watch many movie right... As we arrived there..take our luggage n taking cab straight to our hotel that is located at Little India...

So here is where i've stayed,,, YES dear it's a budget hotel.. ok la for people like us.. what do u guys expect us to stay.. Shangri la Hotel?? we went there for holiday not for honeymoon..so to stay in bombastic hotel is not so necessary... OK what... ada wifi lagi tu... n place is OK for me.. n cheap too la.. 3Days 2Night for RM552/room.. so as i shared room with Nas so each of us just pay RM 276.00 ja...ok la kan.. moreover it's near Halal food restaurant..so no big deal for food guys...


  so for next entry i'll post about the places we'd went..
stay tune
i just have a lot to share!!

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