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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Yes i failed in QTI test..Such as Bad Day


This is my very emo entry.. because I've been so frustrated with my life..  Even small things i will get that so emotional T_T.. Today is my QTI test for driving..  I'm damnly nervous.. As my assumption today will be miserable because it's already half month I dont even hold  car's stereng... So imagine what gonna happen.. Yes right,.. i forgot how to do parking.. even 3 pointer also i failed.. Arghhhh seriously i felt just like want to tell the teacher that i dont want to do it anymore and just wanna go back.. Then i give my self the opportunity to do it again and yet still failed and chaos...Only Allah knows how i  felt that time.. so frustrated.. why always me..have to face this kind of situation... I really hate my life...

So the teacher suggest me to train again.. booking another 6 hour and 1 hour is equal to RM25 ok.. Shit..  So I just accept it..  It because i drag the time so i forgot every steps.. It's my workplace situation that cause me to drag my driving class.. yeah what else can you do when your boss said " it's up to u la.. which one is important".. So because you need money so you just follow your cruel boss instruction.. The reason why i've dragged the time is because at that time i have to go to KL then have to work.. then not enough money to pay the  fee.. no one bother to know..

It;s ok i must try hard again... So after that i went to do PTPTN matter.. Alhamdulillah everything goes smoothly.. tapi time nak matikan setem , a guy there asked few questions to me.. and when he knows that I am PJJ student from USM.. he said that he just graduate.. and said goodluck to me with that kind if eye's staring..the kind of..which i guess he wanna said " Work hard for it..or u may failed".. i start to feel unpleasant.. it's enough for me to feel  any dismay again... Then, My Mom, My Bro and me went to BJ to have a lunch..

Seriously i dont feel like want to eat.. no appetite.. so i just ate Bihun Tom Yam and Orange Juice as my drink.. So searching for Tudung Convo and Shoe start again..  i guess in BJ would be more cheaper.. i got it 50 % sale but no size.. two shop i went.. there;s no size.. because my feet were to small.. they only have 36 as the smallest size.. my  size is 35.. damn.. I already like this one white shoes so much but there's no size.. SO i felt down again... my life always goes miserable.. so have to find again  and again... what a bad day i have.. or maybe bad life...

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